Pho Saigon

IMG_20171025_150136This Vietnamese restaurant is located on West Airport Blvd in Sugar Land, TX.

I sat down and they gave me time to read the menu and decide what I wanted to eat, which was really nice. Last time I was there I was really rushed and I was aggravated.

Feeling venturous, I ordered pho with some beef; normally I’d order chicken (Had my gallbladder removed & cannot process fatty foods very well). The broth was clean, the beef looked good, but it wasn’t tender, it was very chewy. Brisket tasted like it had been grilled but it was a bit tough to chew through. I still enjoyed it. Although it didn’t hurt my stomach I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Also, I was starving and ended up ordering 2 fresh spring rolls. The shrimp was good, it was firm and soft, veggies were crisp.

A bit off topic, I have friend who now lives in Vietnam. On one of his first days there he had tried coffee with egg and I have been searching for it since I had watched the video: Feed The Cory: Egg Coffee .It has been proven hard to find. I even tried making it and because of the metal in my arm I ended up aggravating a nerve in my arm and I haven’t tried since. Always on the look out for something with condensed milk and egg.

IMG_20171025_150434Back to the blog. I had seen this drink with soda, condensed milk and egg yolk. My heart jumped and knew I had to try it! When it was served I almost lost hope. It was club soda and they served two glasses. One with just the egg and milk and the other was just filled with ice. I had no idea what to do, but figured to pour the soda into the milk and egg and mix, then pour it into the iced glass. I absolutely hate club soda. To me it’s a bitter soda with no flavor. But for the price it was I had better try it anyway.  It was silky smooth with a hint of the egg. Got no taste of the club soda. I really enjoyed this drink.

Overall I like the vibe of the restaurant and will continue to try different items on the menu, as long as they don’t rush me!

#1 Beef Noodle Soup w/Eye Round Steak & Lean Brisket – Large $6.95
#2 Fresh Spring Roll – 2 $2.60
#3 Soda Whipped w/ condensed Milk & Egg Yolk – $3.50
Total = $14.13