Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii/The World Is Still Beautiful

coollogo_com-27058675Genres: Adventure, Fantasy,
Romance, Shoujo
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 06, 2014

It starts off with King Livius who wants to marry someone beautiful and so he writes to the Duke of  The Rain Dukedom and asks him to send one of his daughters to the Sun Kingdom. Princess Nike sets sail and that is where the adventure and chaos begin.

This anime has it all: sadness, kidnapping, jealously, fun, laughter. It also has a dark past involving King Livius. He didn’t get to become King for nothing. Nike has the power to make it rain. Will Livius use that power for good? Or will his past catch up to him and use it for evil?

This is an anime I keep going back to and watching when I want a feel good romance anime. The romance and relationship build, it is not rushed to where they quickly begin to fall in love by half the first episode. It leaves tension that you just want to grab the characters from the television, laptop, computer, however you are watching and knock some sense into them.

The songs in the anime are relaxing. Sometimes when I am having a hard time falling asleep I just turn the anime on and fall asleep listening to the music, it’s that soothing for me. When she sings you can feel the emotions behind them.

You feel the emotions behind this anime.  When someone is angry, you just want to fight their fights. When someone is happy you literally want to dance with them. When they are sad your heart breaks and you want to cry along side them.

It has other quirky characters such as Princess Luna who is jealous of Nike and wants to drive her away from the Sun Kingdom. Then, there is Bard the uncle of the King, makes you feel like why is he there? Does he want Nike for himself?

The anime is short, I wish they’d make more episodes but they left it at a great spot in the story. They took their time to do it right and it ends happily.

Then, there is the manga. It takes the stories and new characters to a new level of excitement. I loved how they introduced the new characters; it was subtle and not in your face that you have ignore them and not care. They have adventures in new kingdoms. It also takes you into more of Livius’s past that makes you wonder about from the anime.

It’s an anime that everyone can watch. Youngsters, adults, everyone! If you’re looking for romance this is the one that I highly recommend. If you do watch it I hope you enjoy every minute of it as I have!