Persona 5

Game Information: Developer/Publisher: Atlus (P-Studio)
Genre: RPG
Platform: PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4
Release Dates: Japan: September 15, 2016
United States: April 4, 2017

My love for the Persona series started with Persona 4. I bought Persona 3 from a friend but fiance and I haven’t started that yet.

I just want to say that I didn’t play this game, my awesome fiance played all the way through. Most games I will write about will be my fiance playing while I just sit, watch, and back seat game. Why wasn’t it me? I have metal in my right arm so it makes gaming a bit hard sometimes, even now as I am writing this blog my hand is already worn out, a bit achy and tingling. As I work on strengthening arm/hand I’ll get back in to playing my own games. Anyways, back to the blog.

I really enjoyed watching my fiance play all the way through. The emotions that you get from the different obstacles you have to go through; meeting your new friends, entering mementos and palaces, and changing peoples hearts. Don’t bash me too hard but I found Morgana annoying as heck, was too bossy at times! I suppose that if cats could talk in real life that’s how most cats would be. Not going to lie, some parts were boring, long and sometimes there was a lot of back tracking, enough to make me fall asleep.

The songs in the game were awesome, and catchy enough that I would have them stuck in my head for hours while I was at work and by the end of the day I would ask if he was going to play Persona. Even now as I am typing it’s in my head, probably because my fiance is testing out the new features you get from the finished game play.

I was a bit sad when it was finished. Took my fiance about 115 hours. Can’t wait for the next Persona game!