12 Kingdoms

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical
Episodes: 45 Episodes
Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 09, 2002

It starts with a girl named Yoko Nakajima who is very unhappy. She is always playing it safe so that everyone will like her, but they don’t.

One day there is Keiki, a man who swears loyalty to her and brings her back to his world, but not without consequences. He also ends up bringing her classmates; Asano and Nakajima along for the whirlwind adventure.

This anime was insanely slow at first. I had almost quit the anime. Then, read some of the comments to give it a shot. Was really confusing at first because they speak another language in the other world but the anime didn’t differentiate that. It also kept saying Nakajima had a different look but also didn’t differentiate that. They just had characters say they were speaking another language and that she looked different. It got enjoyable after 5 episodes, when things stopped being so confusing. Some say they enjoyed it after the 12th episode. It really was just building up story line for what was to come in future episodes.

There was a point in the anime where it was disappointing. They introduced a new story line that never finished, perhaps instead of doing a few recaps they could have finished the story. It was an anime I enjoyed none the less. Lots of fighting, magic and action. But if you don’t like unfinished stories and recaps this might not be the anime for you.

I really liked the anime. Lots of episodes building up to the main story. You don’t really get that anymore with these new animes popping up out of the woodwork.

P.S. I was really disappointed with Delta-H. That’s why you haven’t seen a post about it. It probably had to do with that I got to it at the tail end of it all on a Sunday. Got into the building they had a tiny sign on an easel saying it was Delta-H and that because my fiance had to point it out to me. Was no big sign, wouldn’t have known it was an anime convention except for the people who were cosplaying. Also, I was probably comparing it to Sakura-con which was huge and I was expecting it to be a lot like it. My next convention I won’t compare it to anything.