The Ancient Magus’ Bride

coollogo_com-182835Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 5
Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Sep 10, 2016

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted about anime so here goes. I was looking for something with romance and magic. Came across this gem. Half way through the second episode I posted on my facebook account that I wanted to give this a try and wanted to like this anime. It was weird because she had been bought so she could be taught magic and to become a future wife to someone. Someone told me it was a good series and to keep watching.

If you can find the first 3 starter episodes I recommend watching it. It goes into more detail of what happened in her childhood and how she gets to where she is in present time.

It starts out with a girl, Hatori Chise who is 16 years old. She can see things that normal people can’t. Chise gets passed around from relative to relative because everyone is freaked out by her. One day, she ends up in an auction house and gets bought by a magus for a hefty price.  From this magus, she learns about magic and a little of what she is.

Chise is a very magical person, and with her abilities everyone wants her. She goes on some really tough and fun adventures, learning about life and how to use magic.

It has so many feels, with this anime it’s a sea of emotions.  Your heart breaks, becomes happy and sad. You some times just want to slap both Chise and the Magus.

I really love this anime despite the anime being newly released. Now, my friend told me when I finished with the episodes I should read the manga. Really fell in love with the series a bit more. It’s probably because there are more stories, more fantasy creatures. Just seeing how Chise and the Magus learn and interact is exciting and leaves you wanting more.

It’s really rare for me to watch and read a series that is not finished yet. Can’t wait to see the manga come to life in the anime episodes! While I wait I might just go and finish the first 5 chapters of the manga (I sure did, I started the manga about where episode 4 stopped).







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