Sakura-con April 14 – April 16


Photo by Faye

Back around April 14 – April 16 I attended Sakura Con. It was an experience I will not soon forget. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any videos. It was just so overwhelming that I forgot. Every time I wanted a video something crazy was happening. So many people and with 6 floors to explore it was an adventure all its own!

It was just taking pictures of people doing autographs, question and answer panels, artists drawing, ceremonies, trying to run up to cos-players and asking if I could take their photos. It was amazing, I am very lucky I had gotten to experience everything.

By the time it was all said and done it was mentally tiring and physically exhausting. I just wanted to sleep when I finished all my panels and still trying to catch up on sleep.

Hope you enjoy the photos on the post. They were taken by me.

P.S. Thank you JB for suggesting as an event photographer and to Aleeza for giving me the opportunity to take some pictures.

View more Sakuracon photos here

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