Toyko Ghoul

Genres: Action, Drama, Psychological, Supernatural
Episodes: 28 Episodes
Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 03, 2014

Just like the title says it takes place in Tokyo. A guy named Kaneki meets a girl called Rize; little does he know she’s not human and his life changed forever that day.

Some people say this anime is too gruesome, I am scared of zombies and I try not to watch anything with zombie like behavior, but I didn’t find it that way. Maybe I am just too desensitized to the “ghoul” behavior. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of eating of humans, torture and blood shed, but I find it is to be expected, I mean, come on, its in the title of the anime!

I’ve read there’s going to be a Netflix series coming out. I’m not too sure about it. I’ve already read bad reviews on it and it’s not even out yet. I’ll give it a shot; 3 episodes is usually my limit on animes. If I don’t like a series beyond the 3 episodes I tend to ditch it. Also, I have seen another series about it on YouTube that I have yet to see and hopefully I will have the time time to check out.

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