Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Photo from Wikimedia

saoRelease date: February 18, 2017
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

So, I won movie tickets to see this. I was searching for anime conventions around where I live and I happened to see an ad to see this movie. I told myself what have I got to lose? I signed up, and the day before it was showing I had received an email saying I won two tickets!

The theater could have done a better job at seating people. We had gotten there and they were just looking at our passes and letting us in. It was packed with no where to sit. Luckily, my fiance whose taller than me saw two seats. I told him I couldn’t see what he was seeing and to lead the way quickly!

Movie was incredible! The fight scenes were amazing, and reminded me of the first season of Sword Art Online. Lots of funny jokes, and I loved every bit of the Kirito and Asuna romance scenes, which to me fell short in Gun Gale Online. I suggest everyone who loves Sword Art Online to watch the movie. I can’t wait for season 3 to air!

P.S. No photos of when we got to the theater we were already late as I just gotten off work and had to rush home quickly and print tickets.

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