Grave of the fireflies

grave-fireflies-dType: Movie
First episode date: April 16, 1988
Number of episodes: 1
Genres: Drama, Historical

It takes place in 1945, during World War II. We have all read it in school books and have seen movies, but here it is in an anime movie. Two brothers, Seita and Setsuko, must set out to find food, water and shelter, since losing their mother and home during the Kobe air bombings. Despite all their circumstances they still find kind, friendly people.

My first anime movie that has brought out so many emotions. You get to see the aftermath of the war and how people, kids and the elderly were struggling to get by. This hit the hardest for me because I lived in Japan. I give this anime a two thumbs up, but I could never watch this anime again, just because of the pure hard emotions that are felt from watching this anime.

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