Devil is a part-timer

Episodes: 13
Aired: Apr 4, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013Status: Finished Airing
Genres: Comedy, Demons, Romance, Fantasy

The demon Overload Satan who was in a losing battle with the church decides to flee with his general Alsiel to another dimension. Little did they know they would end up in Tokyo. Hot on their tails, Hero Emilia tracks them down to try and stop what ever plans they have in mind.

I almost stopped watching this around episode 9. The story was strong at the beginning but lost its momentum. Come on, a Demon Overlord can’t get back to his own dimension? I’ll give them credit that they do figure it out eventually, but all the talks of going back? Yet, they do nothing about it? Just annoyed me. They only brought in more characters with more complicated background stories to tell. It was only 13 episodes, might as well finish 4 more episodes. I was hoping it would end strong but, the ending was weak! I hope that when they do make a season 2 it fills in those gaps. This might be one of those animes where I would continue to watch just for the sake of seeing how the story line goes. Over all I would give this 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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