Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii/The World Is Still Beautiful

coollogo_com-27058675Genres: Adventure, Fantasy,
Romance, Shoujo
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 06, 2014

It starts off with King Livius who wants to marry someone beautiful and so he writes to the Duke of  The Rain Dukedom and asks him to send one of his daughters to the Sun Kingdom. Princess Nike sets sail and that is where the adventure and chaos begin.

This anime has it all: sadness, kidnapping, jealously, fun, laughter. It also has a dark past involving King Livius. He didn’t get to become King for nothing. Nike has the power to make it rain. Will Livius use that power for good? Or will his past catch up to him and use it for evil?

This is an anime I keep going back to and watching when I want a feel good romance anime. The romance and relationship build, it is not rushed to where they quickly begin to fall in love by half the first episode. It leaves tension that you just want to grab the characters from the television, laptop, computer, however you are watching and knock some sense into them.

The songs in the anime are relaxing. Sometimes when I am having a hard time falling asleep I just turn the anime on and fall asleep listening to the music, it’s that soothing for me. When she sings you can feel the emotions behind them.

You feel the emotions behind this anime.  When someone is angry, you just want to fight their fights. When someone is happy you literally want to dance with them. When they are sad your heart breaks and you want to cry along side them.

It has other quirky characters such as Princess Luna who is jealous of Nike and wants to drive her away from the Sun Kingdom. Then, there is Bard the uncle of the King, makes you feel like why is he there? Does he want Nike for himself?

The anime is short, I wish they’d make more episodes but they left it at a great spot in the story. They took their time to do it right and it ends happily.

Then, there is the manga. It takes the stories and new characters to a new level of excitement. I loved how they introduced the new characters; it was subtle and not in your face that you have ignore them and not care. They have adventures in new kingdoms. It also takes you into more of Livius’s past that makes you wonder about from the anime.

It’s an anime that everyone can watch. Youngsters, adults, everyone! If you’re looking for romance this is the one that I highly recommend. If you do watch it I hope you enjoy every minute of it as I have!


coollogo_com-26893109Genres: Drama Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Episodes: 26 Episodes
Status: Finished
Airing Date: Oct 02, 2003

This anime was a bit confusing at first. Didn’t know what was going on. Starts with a research facility researching Gilgamesh, mythological King of Uruk. Then, a bunch of people gather, they then put a halt to everything and the world gets turned upside down when a mirror is placed on earth.

Brother and sister, Tatsuya and Kiyoko, run for their lives. Apparently, their mother had a debt to pay off and when their mother died the mob went after Tatsuya and Kiyoko. Two groups are after them because it turns out they are the children of the professor who turns the world upside down. Gilgamesh and a lady named Hiroko Kageyama want them for that very reason.

It had so much back story on everyone lives, I felt like it was falling apart in some episodes but at the other times it tried really hard to put it back to together in others. They were introducing new factions and the new characters it was just falling apart at the end.  To me that’s all it was trying to do, catch up to whatever story they were trying to dish out.

Gilgamesh tries to leave you with trying to decide who is the good and who is the evil? It’s just weird and twisted.  It was just a heap of mess, too much going on and getting out of hand.  Felt like they couldn’t do anymore and just decided to say screw it all and ended it and leaves you with a what the hell kind of feeling. For what it’s worth, I ended up semi liking the series none the less, but I wouldn’t try to re-watch it. It’s just one of those animes that you say you have to give it a try and end up forgetting you watched it.





The Ancient Magus’ Bride

coollogo_com-182835Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 5
Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Sep 10, 2016

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted about anime so here goes. I was looking for something with romance and magic. Came across this gem. Half way through the second episode I posted on my facebook account that I wanted to give this a try and wanted to like this anime. It was weird because she had been bought so she could be taught magic and to become a future wife to someone. Someone told me it was a good series and to keep watching.

If you can find the first 3 starter episodes I recommend watching it. It goes into more detail of what happened in her childhood and how she gets to where she is in present time.

It starts out with a girl, Hatori Chise who is 16 years old. She can see things that normal people can’t. Chise gets passed around from relative to relative because everyone is freaked out by her. One day, she ends up in an auction house and gets bought by a magus for a hefty price.  From this magus, she learns about magic and a little of what she is.

Chise is a very magical person, and with her abilities everyone wants her. She goes on some really tough and fun adventures, learning about life and how to use magic.

It has so many feels, with this anime it’s a sea of emotions.  Your heart breaks, becomes happy and sad. You some times just want to slap both Chise and the Magus.

I really love this anime despite the anime being newly released. Now, my friend told me when I finished with the episodes I should read the manga. Really fell in love with the series a bit more. It’s probably because there are more stories, more fantasy creatures. Just seeing how Chise and the Magus learn and interact is exciting and leaves you wanting more.

It’s really rare for me to watch and read a series that is not finished yet. Can’t wait to see the manga come to life in the anime episodes! While I wait I might just go and finish the first 5 chapters of the manga (I sure did, I started the manga about where episode 4 stopped).







Pho Saigon

IMG_20171025_150136This Vietnamese restaurant is located on West Airport Blvd in Sugar Land, TX.

I sat down and they gave me time to read the menu and decide what I wanted to eat, which was really nice. Last time I was there I was really rushed and I was aggravated.

Feeling venturous, I ordered pho with some beef; normally I’d order chicken (Had my gallbladder removed & cannot process fatty foods very well). The broth was clean, the beef looked good, but it wasn’t tender, it was very chewy. Brisket tasted like it had been grilled but it was a bit tough to chew through. I still enjoyed it. Although it didn’t hurt my stomach I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Also, I was starving and ended up ordering 2 fresh spring rolls. The shrimp was good, it was firm and soft, veggies were crisp.

A bit off topic, I have friend who now lives in Vietnam. On one of his first days there he had tried coffee with egg and I have been searching for it since I had watched the video: Feed The Cory: Egg Coffee .It has been proven hard to find. I even tried making it and because of the metal in my arm I ended up aggravating a nerve in my arm and I haven’t tried since. Always on the look out for something with condensed milk and egg.

IMG_20171025_150434Back to the blog. I had seen this drink with soda, condensed milk and egg yolk. My heart jumped and knew I had to try it! When it was served I almost lost hope. It was club soda and they served two glasses. One with just the egg and milk and the other was just filled with ice. I had no idea what to do, but figured to pour the soda into the milk and egg and mix, then pour it into the iced glass. I absolutely hate club soda. To me it’s a bitter soda with no flavor. But for the price it was I had better try it anyway.  It was silky smooth with a hint of the egg. Got no taste of the club soda. I really enjoyed this drink.

Overall I like the vibe of the restaurant and will continue to try different items on the menu, as long as they don’t rush me!

#1 Beef Noodle Soup w/Eye Round Steak & Lean Brisket – Large $6.95
#2 Fresh Spring Roll – 2 $2.60
#3 Soda Whipped w/ condensed Milk & Egg Yolk – $3.50
Total = $14.13

Sour Pickle Balls

sourpickleballs1 Not sure where to begin with this candy without adult like descriptions. It’s definitely different. It wasn’t a soft type candy. It was a little hard and chewy.

It also warns you it was made in a factory that makes peanuts, treenuts, milk, soy, eggs and wheat products. I have been gluten free for almost 5 years but, I bought it there was no turning back.

The smell was that of opening a new box of crayons with a spicy chili smell. That crayon smell was a big turn off.

It was sweet but as you continued chewing you got the spicy taste, then after a few more chews came the sour. That sour taste was nothing I’ve ever tasted before. It was not that of pickles. You got the punch of a lemon powder and chili powder that had sitting around for a while and it turns your tongue green for a bit. Me being a weirdo I tried it a second time and it was worse! I don’t think I could eat this stuff again. It never made my stomach hurt, just my taste buds and sense of smell.

Don’t mind the empty plate in the video. I had just gotten done eating and my fiance reminded me that I had the pickle balls that I had been meaning to try. Also, the creepy hand in the other picture that’s my fiances.

P.S Here’s is the link if you’re ever brave enough to try them . My friend said she found some on ebay, and it seems a lot cheaper there.






Sakura-con April 14 – April 16


Photo by Faye

Back around April 14 – April 16 I attended Sakura Con. It was an experience I will not soon forget. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any videos. It was just so overwhelming that I forgot. Every time I wanted a video something crazy was happening. So many people and with 6 floors to explore it was an adventure all its own!

It was just taking pictures of people doing autographs, question and answer panels, artists drawing, ceremonies, trying to run up to cos-players and asking if I could take their photos. It was amazing, I am very lucky I had gotten to experience everything.

By the time it was all said and done it was mentally tiring and physically exhausting. I just wanted to sleep when I finished all my panels and still trying to catch up on sleep.

Hope you enjoy the photos on the post. They were taken by me.

P.S. Thank you JB for suggesting as an event photographer and to Aleeza for giving me the opportunity to take some pictures.

View more Sakuracon photos here

Back from being gone

Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in a long while. Between working, finding a new apartment, packing, and moving, everything just got a little bit crazy. I am back, and hopefully I can start my weekly blogs again.


Photo by Faye

Recently went on a trip to visit Enchanted Rock near Fredricksburg, TX. Had to try and conquer my fear of snakes. The first time we tried hiking I saw a snake a few minutes into the  hike and that was game over for the hike. Luckily, my fiance and I did not see any this time around.

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel Kitsmiller on main. It was a nice quite little room. Everything was clean. Taylor & Matt went above and beyond to make the stay awesome.

When Hiking we took the least taken path. I lost my footing on some rocks and I slid. My right leg ended up underneath me while my body kept sliding. I was scared I had broken my leg. Everything ended up fine as soon as I got my senses back and realized my leg wasn’t broken.

I needed to soak my leg in the bath, but the hotel did not have a tub stopper. My fiance had asked Matt & Taylor if they had one. They said they didn’t but would get one. Fiance said don’t worry about it. I believe he said Matt said they needed to get one anyway.

We ate at a restaurant (blog post to come on that) and when we got back to our room the stopper was on the table. Thank you so much to Taylor & Matt. They are amazing and a very sweet couple. I would stay there again.